SIPRA has lot of expertise in management of toxicology studies on rodent & non-rodent species and toxicokinetic studies on Beagle dogs. A qualified team of study directors work closely with the clients to ensure that the studies are conducted in compliance with GLP principles as per  OECD, ICH, FDA and Schedule Y guidelines.

The facility is designed as per CPCSEA/AAALAC and GLP guidelines and its fully equipped pathology laboratory is accredited by  NABL for ISO 15189:2007  certification.

  Toxicology   Test Systems

•   Single dose (Acute ) toxicity
•   Repeated dose (14, 28, 90 & 180 Days) toxicity
•   Eye Irritation / corrosion
•   Skin Irritation / corrosion
•   Skin Sensitization
•   Toxicokinetic studies on Beagle dogs
•   LD50 and maximum tolerated dose determination
•   Immunotoxicity

•   Mouse (Balb-C, Swiss-Albino, C57, Diabetic)
•   Rat (Sprague Dawley, Wistar)
•   Rabbit (New Zealand White)
•   Guinea Pig (Hartley)
•   Canine (Beagles)

Sipra Labs offers comprehensive range of in vitro and in vivo Genetic toxicology studies in compliance with GLP principles as per OECD, US-EPA (OPPTS), REACH guideline

  Bacterial Reverse Mutation Test (Ames test) -
    OECD 471
  In Vitro Micronucleus Test - OECD 487
  In Vivo Mammalian Bone Marrow Chromosome
    Aberration Test - OECD 475

  Bioassays, Pyrogen test , Abnormal toxicity and
    Undue toxicity

Sipra is experienced in conducting pharmacokinetic (PK) studies including drug half-life, bio-distribution, bio-availability and safety evaluation. Sipra offers bio-analytical method development and validation to identify & quantify test articles, metabolites and degradation products in blood, urine and other biological fluids or tissues.

    Permeability (Caco2, MDCK)
    CYP Mediated Metabolism
    Protein Binding
    Microsomal Metabolic Stability
    PK & Routs of Excretion
    14C Studies (Mass Balance)