Formulation Research and development is a full fledged activity at Sipra and it includes Pre- formulation studies, formulation development, analytical method development & validation, stability studies and dossier preparation. Sipra is a one stop solution provider for pharma industry and it provides total solutions under one roof to the researchers and manufactures across the globe.

Sipra develops various pharmaceutical dosage forms using state of the art technology, machinery and materials. Experiments are carried out with various excepients to enhance product stability, bioavailability and physicochemical properties. The excepients and other materials used are in accordance with the prevailing regulations of intended markets. The characteristics of the product during and after the development are evaluated as per Pharmacopoeia   specifications.

Product dossiers are provided in CTD format as per the regulatory requirements of esteemed customers.

  Tablets: Immediate Release, Sustained Release,
    Controlled Release, Enteric coated, Mouth dissolving
    tablets and Targeted Delivery
  Capsules : Immediate Release, Sustained Release
  Suspensions & syrups

  Accelerated Stability Studies, Intermediate Stability
    Studies, long Term Stability Studies,
  Photo Stability Studies and Forced Degradation
  Drug – Excipients Compatibility Studies.
  Walk in chambers of 60,000 Ltrs. Capacity to meet
    -200C, 00C, 250C, 300C, 400C.

  S.No     Equipment     Make     Model
    1     Fluid bed Processor  0.5 ltr     Pam-Glatt     Mini-glatt
    2     Fluid bed Processor 5 ltr     Pam-Glatt     FBE 5
    3     Fluid bed Processor 25 ltr     Pam-Glatt     FBE 25
    4     Rapid Mixer Granulator     Kevin     HSMG-5
    5     Multi-Mill     Gem Pharma     Lab model
    6     Double cone Blender     Gem Pharma     10,40,120lts
    7     Compression Machine     Cad Mach, Karnavati     Multi tooling
    8     Auto coater     Saral Engineering     Labcoater
    9     Capsule Filling Machine     Pam     MF 30
    10     Blister packing machine     Elmach     500D
    11     Colloidal Mill     Platinum pharma     CM7