APEDA certified Food & Beverage lab at Sipra is accredited by NABL & recognized by B.I.S. to analyze safety & quality measures of products like Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, Dairy products, Water &  Beverages and  fruits concentrates.

This lab comprising Chemical & Microbiological departments, is designed in a spacious environment of approximately 9000 sq ft and is meeting all the regulatory requirements. The lab has latest instruments from world's leading brands, 5000 ltrs of cold storage facility, sterile rooms, safety hoods and fume hoods. The lab has a team of 15 qualified & dedicated scientists who are all trained under GLP guidelines. Sipra is undertaking Leachables and Extractable studies for pharmaceutical containers and closures.

Safety Parameter

  Aflatoxins & Mycotoxins
  Toxic Residue
  Pesticide Residue o Residual Solvents
  Heavy Metals
  Microbiological Evaluation

II Quality measures

Nutritional: Tests for nutritional value of feed, food and beverages as per AOAC, NIN standards

Water: Packaged drinking water & packaged natural mineral water as per IS: 14543-2004 & IS: 13428-2005 respectively.

Packing Materials : Packaging materials like Bottles, Jars, pouches  used for Packaged Drinking Water & Packaged Natural Mineral Water are tested for drop impact testing, leakage, brimful capacity, thickness of the container, color migration  and potability etc as per relevant IS specifications.

Sipra undertakes Leachables and Extractable studies for pharmaceutical containers and enclosures.