S.No   Equipment Name   Model   Make
  1   LC-MS/MS (5 nos)   API - 4000, 3000, 2000   Applied Biosystems, USA
  2   GC-MS/MS   Quattro Micro   Waters – USA
  3   GC-MS with Head Space   Clarus 500   Perkin Elmer, USA
  4   ICP – MS   7500 and 7700   Agilent Technologies, USA
  5   Surface Area and Pore Size Analyzer   Tristar 3000   Micromeritics -USA
  6   X–RAY Diffractometer with X Celerator   X'Pert Pro   PANalytical, Netherlands
  7   X–RAY Diffractometer   XRD-6000   Shimadzu, Japan
  8   Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC)   Pyris 6   Perkin Elmer, USA
  9   Thermo Gravimetric Analyser (TGA)   Pyris 6   Perkin Elmer, USA
  10   CHNSO Elemental Analyser   VARIO EL III   Elementar, Germany
  11   Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer   Analyst 700   Perkin Elmer, USA
  12   GC with Headspace   6890 N, 7890 A
  Shimadzu 17A
  Agilent Technologies, USA
  13   Particle Size Analyser   Mastersizer-S & 2000
  Sympatec Helos BR

  HIAC ROYCO 9064 counter
  and 300A sampler
  Malvern, England

  Hiac Royco.
  14   H.P.L.C. with UV, RID,
  Fluoresces & PAD detectors,

  Agilent 1100 series,

  shimadzu 2010c, Class VP,

  Waters Alliance,
  Waters 515 with 2487 (UV),
  2414 (RI)

  Perkin elmer series 200

  Shimadzu Prominence

  Waters, Agilent, Shimadzu,
  and Perkin Elmer
  15   FTIR with HATR   Spectrum One   Perkin Elmer, USA
  16   Polarimeter (Digital)   341   Perkin Elmer, USA
  17   Walk in Stability Chambers and Photo
  Stability Chambers
  11000 lt,8500 lt,8000 lt   Thermolab, India
  18   Dissolution Apparatus Auto ( 6 nos)   Disotest   Lab India, India
  19   Osmometer   3250   Advanced Instruments Inc, USA
  20   Viscometers   DV-II+ and RV III U   Brook field, USA
  21   Ion Chromatograph   861   Metrohm, Switzerland
  22   Auto Titrator with Fluoride ISE Electrode
  along with other electrodes
  848 Titrino Plus   Metrohm, Switzerland
  23   PCR- Realtime   QST Step 1   Applied Biosystems, USA
  24   Universal Testing Machine (UTM)   EZ Test   Shimadzu, Japan
  25   Microscope   DM750   Leica, Germany
  26   Tissue Embedding Center   EG 1150   Leica, Germany
  27   Tissue processor   TP 1020   Leica, Germany
  28   Auto stainer   ST 5010   Leica, Germany
  29   Rotary Microtome   RM 2125RT

  Leica, Germany

  30   Balances  

Mettler AB204,

Sartorius CP 2P
Sartorius CP 225D
Mettler AB 204-S/FACT

  Mettler and Sartorius
  31  Capillary Electrophoresis  7100  Agilent
  32  Gel documentation  GelDoc XR+  Biorad
  33  TOC analyzer  TOC V CPH  Shimadzu
  34   PNC Alpha and PNC Beta counter
  (For radioactivity)
  35  Universal Testing Machine (UTM)  UTB-9051  DAK SYSTEMS INC.
  36  Scanning Electron Microscope with Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy of Thermo Fisher Scientific  SU1510  Hitachi